Visualized Poetry

By Balázs Nagyváradi

Poetry is one of the oldest forms of art. However, it has lost its significance recently, due to the popularity of other mediums. The goal was to recreate these pieces of art with the help of modern technologies, to make something interesting. To show how different languages work, how we build coherent and meaningful sentences, and how words create feelings. It is worth thinking about how small changes can have a big impact.

For each language, there are three versions. The original, a human-translated version, and one made with the help of AI. Each version is unique and comes with an AI-generated image that represents the atmosphere the words create. For comparison, the backbone of the poems is highlighted to function as a guideline.

I have personal motivation supporting this project as well. My enthusiasm for languages and my never-ending friendship with Google Translate provided the base.

Tools Used: Photoshop CC, RunwayML: AttnGAN, Google Translate, 
Icons made by Pixel perfect from

Instagram: @nagyvaradib