Would an AI eat an animal?

By Monika Tuominen

Would an AI eat an animal?

We all have our justifications for allowing animals to be treated the way that they are. The most common ones are based on opinions that are more or less along the lines of: “they are less intelligent than us”, “they don’t communicate in the same way as us” and “we’re on top of the food chain”. We might consider them to be more than just a steak to us, but ending up eaten is their main reason for being bred into existence.

If a super intelligent AI that uses biomass for fuel would use these same justifications for what it consumes, it would not only eat animals, but it would most definitely consume human flesh as well. Think about it. How are we any more to them than animals are to us?

You would assume that they wouldn’t do it since they can just eat plants instead. But wouldn’t you make the same assumption about humans?

Let’s just hope that the upcoming AIs have more empathy towards other sentient creatures than we humans do. We need to set example for treating other creatures with love and care but with the way things are now, we aren’t really doing that, are we?

The text in the beginning is made with a style morph between the text and different pictures of flesh and slaughter houses. The floating text pieces are completed by an AI from a given text snippet. The input given to the AI is in bold.
This piece was inspired by and created on top of a picture of a cattle slaughter house.
These are morphs between humans and pigs made using AI art tools. I chose pigs because they are intelligent, look similar to humans and also are one of the animals that get treated the worst in the meat industry.

AI tools used:

  • RunwayML (AdaIN-style-Transfer),
  • Deep dream generator
  • Talk to transformer

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